Project Runway recap
In another episode of crazy twists, tonight's Project Runway had the designers creating an outfit for a jet-setter: themselves. Most of them seemed to get it...and then there was Angela, who apparently never leaves her funny farm somewhere in the Midwest. Angela and Jeffrey, by the way, are still having issues with last week's challenge and Jeffrey's treatment of her mother, but Laura, pumped full of hormones, cut to the chase and told them both to get over it, god love her. The designers had only one day to create their outfit, then the next day was the runway show, in which everyone but Michael (who we found out used to be a model) looked incredibly uncomfortable. At this point, there was still 20 minutes left in the show, so I knew something was up. Yes! After judging, the contestants had to prove how jetsetting-appropriate their clothes actually were by testing them out on a mystery flight...which, it turns out, was to Paris. Then came the best moment in the entire show, which was watching the jet-lagged designers trying to decipher Catherine Malandrino's thick French accent. Catherine judged the outfits post-flight, then she and Tim announced who was in and who was out--which was entirely weird to me. Why didn't Heidi make the trip? I liked Laura's dress the best (it looked quite comfy), but Catherine announced Jeffrey as the winner. I can appreciate why he won, although his style is not quite my taste (nor is his attitude). But I have to admit I was pretty amused seeing the shit-eating grin on Jeffrey's face when Catherine told Angela she looked ridiculous. And while Kayne's shirt was a little Eurotrashy (um, or very), I didn't think it was that bad--at least it was interesting, which is more than I can say for Vincent's super-basic top and pant combo. Still, I was pretty happy that Angela finally got auf-ed (or "au revoired" such as it was). The only person who seemed sad to see her go was Michael, apparently Angela's only friend.

Next week, the designers have a challenge in Paris (how very America's Next Top Model!) but appear to be back in NYC for judging. Jet-setting indeed!


A-T-G said...

The moment Angela started yapping about her "Hillbilly" Jet-setting relative, I knew she was due to be "auf'ed". There was no WAY she was sticking around with a 'hick' costume. I loved Laura's and thought she might pull off the win (especially since she got so many juicy quotes in the program). I am so sick of Vincent with his "I'm the twist" schtick. When will he leave?!
And after watching Jeffrey gleefully cackle in the work room as he was making his "rock-star" ensem, I've decided he's the best 'villian' to grace the run-way. At least Santino, for all his gravitas and self-importance, could acknowledge his competetors with something other than a wounded 'why-me'? and he was never so publicly joyful at someone's downfall--he kept it to the confessional--like a gentleman.

I did like the match up reveal between Michael and Jeffrey (uh-oh viewers...was Michael going to beat Jeffrey...AGAIN?!). I didn't hate Kayne's outfit. He did look VERY "this-is-my-idea-of-european-chic-but-I've-never-left-the-south-and-it's-kinda-dated"
But, hey, I love the guy and am glad he's still around. I wouldn't buy what he's selling but, I like watching him on the show.

Anonymous said...

you know, i have to admit that jeffrey has been growing on me lately. maybe because he shares my distaste of angela....