Project Runway recap
The beginning of this week's Project Runway episode was rather amusing to watch, because not only did the models get to pick which designer to work with (as opposed to the designers picking the models), but the models got to choose which fashion icon the designers would be creating a modernized look for. The designers all seemed put out and helpless, but it turned out the models for the most part made pretty wise decisions--well, except for Vincent's model, who chose Twiggy, and Bradley's model, who ended up with Cher. I don't think Bradley even had a concept of who Cher is, which, in my opinon, automatically makes him unfit to be a fashion designer. His finished product did look like a cross between Cher's recent Cher-bot look and her '70s Pocahontas duds, but it was all ill-fitting and cheap-looking and hence Bradley got "auf"-ed. Robert turned out another boring disappointment, and Vincent's bizarre plaid-and-solid-black dress looked neither modern nor like something Twiggy would wear. I know Vincent borrowed against his 401(k) or whatever to get on the show, but I will be shocked if he's not the next to go. As for the top three, Kayne (whenever I type that, I want to pronounce it like Kayne West, not like "cane") created a gorgeous, kind of Goth-glamour gown and Angela turned out yet another winner, an incredibly sophisticated modern dress (with, okay, her "signature rosettes"). But as soon as the camera started to pay attention to Michael, I knew he was going to win this challenge. And I'm happy, because I've liked his designs since the first episode and his totally overlooked coffee-filter minidress. He totally grasped his fashion icon, rattling off the names of all of Pam Grier's movies, and he simply rocked it out. Michael--not just Laura's little bitch anymore! Of course, he hasn't replaced Alison in my heart. (Does anyone else think Alison is totally due for a win soon? Because I do.) But I am excited to see what Michael does next.

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A-T-G said...

I loved this week's episode! There were some really nice pieces up on the Runway for this "Icon" challenge. I had a tough time picking my favorite--I loved Kayne's (I keep saying his name incorrectly too!)dress and I thought Michael's was great!

I agree with you regarding Vincent--he's a little out there for me to get behind and his designs aren't wowing me at all. The only way he's sticking around for another week is if Robert can't pull himself together! He designs for BARBIE for crying out loud! Surely he can think of young fresh ideas! Right? Why does he keep putting his young models in granny outfits?!

...and Alison...oh! She better win something soon!