Emmys fashion police
I feel kind of bad for poor old Emmy--for an awards show with all TV stars, there's a certain level of glamour missing, as opposed to, say, the Oscars or the Golden Globes. That said, there were some standouts, but when the TV stars fall, they fall long and hard.

The Good
As much as her character on Lost frustrates me (probably because she's even more stubborn than I am), and as much as I like to make fun of Versace, Evangeline Lilly looked amazing in this plum Versace gown. You have to admit, Donatella knows what she's doing when it comes to the red carpet. Word on the street, too, is that purple is huge for fall.

After seeing Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this modern, totally chic Narcisco Rodriguez gown, I began to wonder why his dresses don't appear on the red carpet more often. Very flattering, incredibly gorgeous.

Remember several years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow wore that awful Alexander McQueen gown to the Oscars? This is the right way to do glamour goth: Portia de Rossi in Zac Posen's gray frock, accented with blood-red lips and matching clutch.

And I know she took a lot of heat (pardon the pun) for the under-boob sweat stains, but I don't care--I thought Katherine Heigl looked incredible in this nude Escada gown. As you all know, normally I am not a fan of blondes in nude gowns, but the sparkles (and her to-die-for body) give it a very Marilyn Monroe feel.

The Eh
I really, really like Sandra Oh, and I really, really wanted to put her under "the Good," even in spite of the fact that it looks like she robbed Jacob the Jeweler, but because of said accessory overload, I just can't. The dress is absolutely stunning, though.

I have a love-hate relationship with Tyra Banks. And if Tyra had just kept her mouth shut, I would've loved her in this dress. Unfortunately, she kept blabbing how it cost $50,000 (hmm, do you think she actually paid for it, what with all that free publicity?), and therefore, I'm going to hate on her. But just a little.

The Ugly
Did Eva Longoria think that this frothy, puffy white dress was going to make her look washed out? Even so, did she think that warranted such a shade of burnt sienna for her skin? You can take the girl out of Mystic Tan, but...

Hey, Virginia Madsen, this is the Emmys, not the Golden Globes! Put 'em away!

While I am not a fan of the ex-Mrs. Lachey, I can't say I'm too fond of Vanessa Minnillo either. Or her dress. Yikes.

And, I am sad that Cheryl Hines made such a poor showing in this dress, an example of how not to wear purple for fall. She brings shame to the name Cheryl.

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