Cheryl Shops...the Barneys warehouse sale
I must say, hitting the Barneys warehouse sale was a lot easier when I lived five blocks away from it. Nonetheless, I hauled my ass over to 17th Street and was in line by 7:50...and proceeded to wait for 40 minutes, since for some inexplicable reason, the doors didn't open until nearly 8:30. Already a bit irritated, I spent the first 10 minutes or so not finding anything worthy. I saw a lot of Proenza Schouler and Lanvin on the racks, alas everything was still a bit out of my price range. There was, as usual, a lot of Rebecca Taylor, Generra, DVF, and Theory, and while I wasn't finding anything good at first, I at least could appreciate the lack of private-label stuff on the racks (I often complain that there's way too much of it at the warehouse sales). I finally came across an awesome Daryl K blazer in a jacquard pattern with a tie at the waist (pictured at right), and things started looking up. I then found the matching pant, making this my second Daryl K suit in a row that I've scored at the warehouse sale. I also found a silk Daryl K vest thing (note to Barneys: size mediums should not be stocked with the size 6's). The denim bins were totally ransacked, and they seemed to have way too many cutoff denim shorts anyway. I usually have pretty good success in the knitwear bins; this time they seemed to have a lot of Trovata striped tops and tees, and a lot of rather reasonably-priced Michael Kors cashmere sweaters. My favorite item of the day, however, was this knee-length ivory Mayle cardigan sweater. It was 2/3 off, and it was still a bit pricey, but the little devil on my shoulder made me buy it anyway. It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I usually save shoes for last, since I tend to not have very good luck there; as usual, nothing too exciting in the size 8.5s. So, is it worth going? Of course it is. But be prepared for crowds, women stripping in the aisles, and lots of labor-intensive digging and picking. I promised MW we could go back this weekend and shop for him; I'm already at my limit. Well, unless I see that white crocheted Daryl K dress...Through 9/4; 10-9 weekdays, 10-7 weekends; 255 W. 17th St. (7th & 8th Aves.).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl, is the discount at the beginning of the barneys sale 30% off the ticketed price? Because I went this weekend, and the discount was 30% for clothes and 40% for shoes. I was just wondering if they increase the discount as the sale progresses.