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I'm a little behind on my magazine reading, so pardon the non-timeliness of this post. In last month's Allure, the magazine did a story on beauty blogs, and I finally got around to checking them out. Now, I don't read beauty blogs as much as I read fashion blogs, for obvious reasons--I love a good lippy as much as the next girl, but my heart's in clothes and accessories. Still, for the beauty junkies out there (I'm looking at you, AW), here's the lowdown.

The amusingly named Lipstick Is My Crack is set up like a diary. Every day, the writer chronicles her outfit, her makeup, her skincare routine, purchases, things she got in the mail, and her obsessions, which is where the fun happens--she gives incredibly detailed product reviews, and since she notes when she received the products for free, you know you're getting an extremely objective review (as opposed to, say, in a magazine, where you never know what kind of advertiser influence or swag is involved). This is the least visually interesting of the beauty blogs, however--there are links, but no pictures (which, I know, up until a few months ago, I didn't have either).

I found Beauty Addict to be one of my favorites. It's probably the most typical blog in that the writer, Kristen, mixes product reviews (also very detailed) with news, commentary, and, as we call it in publishing, "service journalism." For example, I found the post on post-liquid-ban air-travel beauty products extremely informative and useful, since I can no longer take my beloved Jurlique facial mist on the plane with me when I fly. Plus, Kirsten writes in a very friendly, girly voice--you want to grab her and head over to Saks for free makeovers at the cosmetics counters.

eBeautyDaily is also very comprehensive, with a mixture of product reviews, pop culture commentary, and news, although there are so many ads and sidebars on the site, sometimes it's a bit challenging to read. But if it's links you're after, this is the site to go to--she's got everything from other beauty blogs to places to shop.

Jack and Hill is more of what I'd call a "lifestyle" blog--there's a lot of stuff about beauty, but also a lot on the two writers and their lives. I don't know what makes me think of this, but reading this blog reminds me of being in Anthropologie--there are some cute clothes, some fun-looking makeup, and if you feel like it, you can sit down on the sofa and have a chat with a girlfriend.

I've covered Blogdorf Goodman before; it was first mentioned in the New York Times' article last September on fashion blogs (here's my review); it was then mentioned in the Times' story on beauty blogs, so you've got to hand it to the writer for staying in the press. Anyway, her focus is now on beauty, and hers is definitely the most whimsical of the beauty blogs. Many posts begin with a quote and a vintage photograph. But the writer really goes nuts for fragrances--ah, a girl after my own heart. If reading Jack and Hill is like shopping at Anthropologie, Blogdorf Goodman is like getting lost in...the beauty floor at Bergdorf Goodman. In other words, it's an indulgence that you definitely need to treat yourself to every once in awhile.

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