Website of the week
When I used to live in the West Village (which I've been avoiding like the plague lest I get too wistful for my old nabe), I walked by Tina Tang's store all the time, but I've only been inside once or twice. However, when I was looking for new charms for my charm bracelet, I came across her website, which is totally comprehensive and has a ton of delicate, feminine semiprecious jewelry. The site has a fun, girly design, and you can shop rather simply by type of jewelry (there's also a nice gifts section and a bridal section). And while her designs are supercute, the sections I find the coolest are the design-your-own pages. (As I discovered in L.A. last month, I'm a huge fan of designing my own jewelry.)

The design your own boho necklace section lets you layer chunky semiprecious-stone beaded necklaces with as many semiprecious-stone pendants as you want. The possibilities are endless!

A more affordable but equally as fun option is the lucky charm necklace. You can stick with silver, rose gold, or gold, or you can mix metals for a necklace you can wear with everything, like this one.

But my favorite part is the custom charm bracelet section. I have a Tiffany bracelet that, since every girl in the world seems to have one, I customize with charms from my travels and from significant points in my life. Granted, I realize buying a bunch of charms on a website kind of defeats the purpose, but now at least I know I have the option.

Orders over $100 ship for free, which is a good thing for me, since I'm still working up the courage to go back to the West Village.


Anonymous said...

Hi cheryl,

why don't you like the west village?

Cheryl said...

I love the West Village, actually--I lived there for four years until April, when I moved to the East Village. I avoid it because I miss it so much and I don't want to make myself too depressed if I can help it. :)