Cheryl shops...the Prada sample sale
I don't mean to sound like a snob, but my first thought upon entering the Prada sample sale was, "Who are they inviting to this?" Not only was the sale way more crowded than in the past, but there were some totally random people there, including what appeared to be two Texan tourists and an older Asian lady who kept trying on pants that were way too big on her and asking me if they fit her (um, no), and who didn't understand the concept of "personal space," as she was constantly all up in mine. But lest you think I'm a big ol' bitch, I told a fellow shopper she looked lovely in a cashmere sweater, and I gave the older lady the name of my tailor. Anyway, my first impression of the merchandise was: "gross." A lot of it was more than several seasons old, and much of it was stained, ripped, or both. A more careful pass through the racks turned up a few Miu Miu tanks, skirts, and pants; I didn't even bother trying on anything Prada, because what wasn't damaged was still way too expensive. I'm happy to report that on top, I can fit a sample size for Miu Miu, but I decided neither of the sparkly tank tops I tried on were worth $100. I also found a gorgeous camel wool sweater from Miu Miu, but discovered a hole at the shoulder, and even though I got them to mark it down to 50% off, it was still $80, and not worth it, I decided. There's a huge table in the middle with random accessories, and there are quite a few shoes, including a lot of Miu Miu shoes from the most recent spring collection. The cutest shoes seemed to be in the size 37 range, and since I, like the rest of the world, wear a 39, it was slim pickings for me. (All sizes, however, had a surplus of chunky menswear-style oxford shoes, so if that's what you're after, by all means...) I picked up a metallic peach Miu Miu clutch purse with a broken strap (I fixed it when I got home; it took me about 45 seconds), and then struck gold: In a bin on the side, I found these stockings (pictured at right), featured prominently in Prada's spring 2006 ad campaign, for a mere $25, so I got them in gray and in black. So, I ended up with two pairs of stockings and an evening purse. Random, yes. Is the sale worth going to? If you're a size 4 or 6, have tiny feet, and/or love Prada lingerie (they have a ton of it, for $40 a piece), then yes. Otherwise, approach at your own risk.

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Anonymous said...

The prada sale this year was awful. I got there on Thursday, and the racks were bare, only weird dingy clothes for 75% off retail (which still can be a lot). I was really disappointed.