Project Runway recap
Oh dear, where to start. This week's Project Runway had a sweet twist, in that instead of designing for the models this week, the contestants would be designing for...their moms or sisters! Cue the tears (which, okay, I thought were actually kind of heartwarming). The twist, however, is that they wouldn't be designing for their own moms or sisters! Michael, last week's winner, started out on the right foot with Robert's cute, svelte sister, and the thinner moms were definitely picked first. In several strange twists of fate, Angela ended up designing for Laura's mom (in this episode, we learned Laura was pregnant with her sixth child--time to get those tubes tied, lady!), and Jeffrey designed for Angela's mom. While Angela's mom is quite possibly as crazy as her daughter, Jeffrey was indeed pretty rude to her after she told Tim Gunn she didn't like the colors. His design turned out to be one of the worst, although not as bad as Robert's shapeless schmatte, so poor Robert, who showed so much promise at the beginning, got auf-ed for being bo-ring. As for the yet another cruel twist of fate, Vincent actually won the challenge. I can't believe I just typed that. Okay, so Vincent designed something that wasn't hideous and was maybe actually a little bit flattering. The collar reminded me of Jane Jetson's outfit, and big whoop--it was a little black dress with a pencil skirt. I could design--and sew--one of those in my sleep. I think Uli should've won, and judging by the, well, judges, Michael Kors's mom wanted her to win too. (I know Uli used prints again, but the woman has a way with 'em, and her outfit, aside from Laura's, was the most representative of her typical style.) By the way, I love Michael Kors' mom, and Michael's most priceless comment to date: "It looks like Comme des Garcons meets the Amish country." The only way that would've been funnier would be if it came out of Mrs. Kors's mouth.

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