Fall 2010 contemporary quickie: Miele & Leifsdottir

I get the impression that for many designers, they realize the lithe, edgy girl they want to design for can't quite afford their prices, and so they create a contemporary line that's not quite as luxe but is a lot easier on the wallet, and thus they hook the hot young thing. Such is the case with Carlos Miele, who is debuting a contemporary line called Miele. The looks I saw were definitely evening-focused and while not as intricately constructed as Miele's signature line, were finished with nice details, like beading at the shoulders or a cascade of chains around the neck. (There were several more rotations of looks, but due to time constraints, I was unable to see them all.) While Miele could stand to amp up the sexiness a bit, especially compared to his main collection, this looked like a promising start, especially for evening looks.

The most high-end of the Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/Free People family, Leifdottir is a contemporary collection that takes the bohemian, crafty aesthetic to a more luxe (but still quite affordable) level. For fall, the line is having a "Catalonian Affair," which translated into a very romantic flamenco inspiration with ruffles everywhere, vibrant reds, a lot of floral prints, high-waisted toreador pants, and one totally dramatic ruffled maxi skirt. (In case the motif wasn't clear enough, the models vamped it up with castanets and fans; I couldn't tell if they were genuinely enjoying themselves or if they were just punchy, this being the very end of Fashion Week.) While many of the pieces were a bit much all piled on together, I think they'd work well isolated and paired with something simpler, like a T-shirt or jeans; the dresses, on the other hand, were consistently adorable. Extra props to the styling--I loved the models' lace-patterned tights, as well as their braided updos--and the overall presentation, which included free champagne and cheese (food, of all things!), as well as saffron threads as a parting gift. All of a sudden I'm in the mood for paella...

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