Toni Maticevski Fall 2010

Where & When: Thursday, February 10 at 2 p.m., the Altman Building
Runway Recap: When I write about awards-show fashion, my one recurring lament is that no one takes risks on the red carpet. Of course, no one likes a tongue-lashing from Joan Rivers, but if a starlet were to venture out with the artistry of Toni Maticevski's designs, I think even the mean-girl bloggers would have to bite their tongues. Today's eveningwear-heavy collection featured gorgeous dresses in varying states of deshabillé, from shredded chiffon gowns that appeared to disintegrate outward from the body, to closer-fitting sequined bras and Spanx-like skirts adorned with half peplums and draped swaths of satin. They're not the most practical looks, but that's beside the point. Their inherent drama would be most at home on a red carpet, although with so much sheerness and exposure, Maticevski's designs might be best suited for a more intimate environment.
Standout Look: Constructed and deconstructed at the same time, this sequined top and layered chiffon skirt were among the more conventionally wearable--yet still provocative--looks Maticevski presented.
Bonus Points: I always love seeing shows at the Altman Building--the atmosphere is much more serene, and they always have free Page Six Magazines and Fiji Water.
Where to Buy: Email for information.

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