Fall 2010 quickie: Buckler, Carlos Campos, Callula Lillibelle & Commonwealth Utilities

In the interest of saving time (and my own sanity), I present several quick takes on some of the smaller presentations I've seen.

I have a male friend who claims he checks out guys more than girls--not because he's attracted to them but because he likes how they're dressed. For any guy who finds himself in a similar situation, I suggest marching yourself over to one of Buckler's two NYC stores and stocking up on everything from the slim-slouchy suits to the nice-looking parkas and perfectly aged jeans. Practical yet stylish and very all-American, this collection inspired by Kerouac's On the Road is exactly how cool guys like to dress. One quibble: I could understand why attendee (and noted woman-beater) Chris Brown would want to hitch his wagon to Buckler's; what's puzzling is why Buckler would want to hitch his wagon to Brown's.

Carlos Campos
Honduran designer Carlos Campos was inspired by charro suits (traditionally worn by mariachi bands) for his fall collection, but thankfully, aside from some high-waisted, snug-fitting trousers, the interpretation was not so literal. My favorite piece, which was a bit of an anomaly in the mostly tailored collection, was this low-V draped dress, which had a low-key sexy vibe.

Callula Lillibelle
Callula Lillibelle is a new label with a lot of L's in its name and a catchy talking point: It's a "desk to dinner" line meant to dress the modern working woman. With a respectable lineup of draped sheath dresses, peplum pencil skirts, and feminine ruffled blouses, the most appealing aspect of the collection is its prices, all of which will be under $400 retail.

Commonwealth Utilities
From what I could see from my third-row perch, which was from the waist up, Anthony Keegan and Richard Christansen (full disclosure: Richard is an acquaintance of mine) presented a sharp-looking lineup of military-inspired casual looks and polished geek-chic suits under the theme of "an officer and a gentleman" for their fledgling Commonwealth Utilities line. While the raw-space venue was a bit perilous, guests were compensated with hot cider and (empty) flasks, and after looking at other women all day, it was a refreshing change to see so many well-groomed, well-dressed, (presumably) straight men.

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