New York Fashion Week in Review: By the Numbers

Shows I attended: 34
Shows Mina attended: 8
Shows I didn't get into due to overcrowding: 2 (Tracy Reese and Ports 1961, for which I was quite late)
Shows we didn't quite make it to: 21
Parties attended: 2
Percentage increase over parties attended last season: 200%
Tent shows: 21
Off-site shows: 21
Presentations: 11
Shows with swag: 12
Percentage increase over swag received last season: 33%
Trips to the W Hotels backstage lounge: 1
Official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week press bags received: 0
Seasons running in which I haven't received a press bag: 3
Alcoholic beverages consumed in the tents: 0
Alcoholic beverages consumed off-site: 1
Starbucks coffee beverages consumed in the tents: 1/8 (two sips was all I could tolerate of the god-awful Viva instant coffee)
Day on which I declared I missed McCafe, the tents' previous coffee sponsor: Friday
ZonePerfect bars consumed: Too many to count
Pounds gained/lost: 0
Ailments caught: 0 (yay!)

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