Mik Cire / Eric Kim Fall 2010

Where & When: Thursday, February 11 at 8 p.m., Bryant Park Promenade
Runway Recap: Some of the most gorgeous male models showcased Eric Kim's fall collection, evoking a lot of excitement from those of us fortunate to be there. Despite being covered head to toe in wool, leather and beanies, these boys really took the collection to a higher state of being. Many of the models carried equally gorgeous black leather and pony hair day bags and briefcases, which in some cases caused murmurs and hoots in the audience. Overall, the astutely-tailored looks featured lots of structure offset by delicate asymmetries and were understated enough for practicality and wide appeal. The collection consisted predominantly of coats and jackets, with a few amazing three-piece suits laced in between. Men wearing high boots...a trend I wouldn't mind becoming more widespread.
Standout Look: An enormous zippered hood that made an image of Sally Field's flying nun flash through my head.
Bonus Points: Eric Kim brought a tricked-out baby with him onto the runway at the end. A crowd-pleasing move.


Anonymous said...

What has happend to Bryant Park? It's amazing that none of these people(bloggers) know what they're talking about. If you knew fashion then you'd know that the bags are knockoffs of gucci and the look is taken from rick owens and d-squared! My god what has happend to fashion? Giving praise to fake designers?

Mina K said...

Everyone in the tent was applauding the bags, so yes it looks like all of Bryant Park was in accord. Perhaps you should start your own blog and run a comparison of the two? I'm sorry you don't disagree strongly enough to sign your name.