Mara Hoffman Fall 2010

Where & When: Thursday, February 11 from 6-8 p.m., Openhouse Gallery
Runway Recap: One could argue that there is a cult of Mara Hoffman--her colorful prints have a strong following, and while she tends not to deviate too far from her signature elements, she always manages to come up with fresh ways in which to expand upon her repertoire. This season's outing took on a mystical influence, with prints ranging from kaleidoscopic and trippy to hieroglyphic and tribal. Lest the collection get too Age of Aquarius, Hoffman worked in a futuristic element with glittery jackets and dresses constructed with tubular draped segments.
Standout Look: I fully support Hoffman's unwavering devotion to the maxi-dress, and of all the different silhouettes in the collection, the longer styles were, to me, the most successful. This fuller, long-sleeved style is directional--the flowy, bohemian '70s look is coming back strong, and this is a perfect example of how we'll be dressing six months from now.
Bonus Points: This was my first of several shows produced by People's Revolution, and it was highly entertaining to see founder Kelly Cutrone in action. (I should note that she was being photographed just as much as--if not more so--than the models.)
Where to Buy: Click here for store locations.

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