Tibi Fall 2010

Where & When: Tuesday, February 16 at 7 p.m., the Promenade, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Having attended my fair share of Tibi shows over the years, I know generally to expect the following things: colorful prints, very wearable dresses and separates, and models booking it down the runway at breakneck speeds. All three of those things were definitely in effect at last night's show, although in slightly unexpected quantities (except for the models, who were as speedy as ever). While designer Amy Smilovic's always-great prints tend toward vivid colors, she started out with a restrained series of military-inspired jackets worn belted over slightly slouchy pleated pants, tie-neck blouses or ladylike pencil skirts; what's different is that these opening looks were rendered in a mostly neutral color palette. Filigree prints slowly gave way to more vivid florals, finally bursting into a series of deep teal, rich aubergine, and gorgeously beaded or pailetted pieces. When looked at as a whole, the understated beginning and the more vivacious second half seemed a bit disparate (although, to her credit, Smilovic was inspired by Napoleon and Josephine and the idea of masculine-meets-feminine opposites), but perhaps even the Tibi girl needs to tone it down every now and again.
Standout Look: One of the most appealing aspects in this show was a new proportion for many of Tibi's dresses. Blousy but belted at the waist, the shape is more relaxed and romantic, and a definite antidote to the body-con dresses that have been popular for the last several seasons. I thought this print nicely incorporated all the colors of the show too.
Bonus Points: The models sported tightly curled, fairly frizzy hair, which is exactly how my hair looks in the dead of summer. If this hairstyle indeed takes off, I've got it down pat.
Where to Buy: Visit Tibi.com for store locations.

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