Ding, dong, the bitch is dead
Finally, Camille got booted from America's Next Top Model (yes, I know I'm a day late with my recap, but I missed it on Tuesday due to birthday festivities). I say good riddance! I mean, how bitchy was it for Camille to pretend to be friends with Yohanna, then insinuate in front of Tyra and everyone else that Yohanna has an eating disorder? Speaking of which, Yohanna, while she's no Shandi (Shandi kicked ass this week!), is becoming more and more endearing to me. I think of all the girls, she wants to win the most--because she clearly loves fashion, not just to win. And the fact that she lost 45 pounds just to be in the competition...my heart goes out to her as the judges and agents and such constantly criticize her body. Believe me, I've probably got 15 pounds on her (granted she's probably four inches taller than me), and I hear it enough from my mom. Anyway, for more commentary, check out this article in The Daily.

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