Gross, but cool
Warning: If you're incredibly squeamish, I'd suggest not reading this posting. But if you're like me and you like gross stuff, read on.

Even though every magazine in the world tells you not to do it, I still pick at my skin (as do most people I know). Because my nose is particularly prone to blackheads, I really enjoy squeezing my pores. (See, I told you it was going to be gross.) Those Biore pore strips work, but for me, they're just not as satisfying. Now, I used to use my fingernails, but, thanks to my friend Marcy, I was introduced to the extractor. A fine piece of steel, the flat end is for blackheads and the wire end is for whiteheads. Just a bit of pressure and ahhhh! Out comes the gross stuff! For optimal results, I suggest first steaming or putting a hot washcloth over your face to loosen up the gunk. Mmm, sebum!

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