This one's for all the fat girls
So, Yoanna House won America's Next Top Model, and I must say, I'm really happy about the way it turned out. To be honest, ever since she did the nasty with the Italian model dude, Shandi was just phoning it in, and the judges realized this and cut her first. I was not terribly heartbroken. So then it was down to Mercedes and Yoanna; they got to walk in a "real" fashion show (which I'm sure was staged just for the TV show); and then Yoanna won, it appears, on the strength of her face (she is incredibly beautiful) and her passion for fashion--which was so strong that she lost 50 pounds in order to fulfill her dream. Now, speaking as a fashion lover (clearly) and a former fat girl (at one point in college, I blossomed to a heifer-like 170 lbs), Yoanna's victory was incredibly inspiring. It was like, "Hey, fat girls! You too can lose 50 lbs and become an incredibly glamorous fashion model who gets paid ridiculous amounts of money just to look beautiful!" Granted, I'm way too old and slightly too short to be a model (and, okay, I'd probably have to drop another 25 lbs), but it's the sentiment that counts.

Anyway, congratulations to Yoanna!

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