Website of the Week
Since America's Next Top Model is off the air until next year, I'm having to come up with new and entertaining ideas for postings here at Cheryl Shops. (It's amazing how much time I have now that I'm not constantly obsessing about Shandi, Yoanna, et al.) Hence, Website of the Week, Labels I Love, and other new and exciting features coming soon.

This week's inagural Website of the Week is, official website of my favorite Trading Spaces designer, Vern Yip. (Yes, okay, I am a bit embarassed about how much I love this show, but I felt much better when I was getting my hair done a few months ago and one of the super-hipster hairstylists rushed in clutching an autographed copy of Ty the Carpenter's new book and raving about how hot he is in person.) Anyway, Vern offers some useful design tips ("Installing a large mirror with an interesting frame is often a great and economical way to create visual interest in a room with otherwise little artwork") and in his online shop sells a variety of cool, affordable home accents, including this lacquered bowl and this black silk pillow. Take that, Doug!

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