In the papers
Probably not as entertaining as Pat Kiernan's daily version on NY1, but...

The style reporters at the Post have been writing some really interesting stories lately. Yesterday, they had expert staffers from Madame Paulette's examine a variety of little black dresses and estimate the price based on the quality of the garment. Most of their guesses were within $10 of the actual price, but the big surprise? They thought a $30 H&M dress cost $250, proving that H&M uses the best overseas sweatshops. Also in the Post: My favorite swimsuit and party dress designer, Shoshanna, takes a spin at Shopaholic; colorful stripes are fun!; a lot of wraps (but no pictures); and luxury is selling this year.

Even though the Post did an article on sample sales last week, the Times has one in today's paper, although the spin is more about the psychological and economical ramifications of sample sale-ing. The Times, God bless 'em, also has a list of sales, including a Dolce & Gabbana sale tomorow! Woo-hoo! Also, the new Bluefly store (second item).

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