Times bonus
Because one day of fashion per week simply isn't enough, the Times has graced us with some bonus fashion business stories. At Galleries Lafayette in Paris: Buy a thong, get a lesson from a "striptease artist" (apparently even strippers are artistes in France). Cathy Horyn weighs in on the Gucci "situation". Plus, what the Gucci "situation" will mean for Louis Vuitton.

Kind of not really related to shopping, but sort of, the Times also published a story on cupcakes. Yes, really. They use Magnolia Bakery in the lede, and since Magnolia is on the strip of Bleecker with the three Marc Jacobs stores, Lulu Guinness, Fresh, the new Ralph Lauren store, the Otter, etc., I think it's legitimate to mention it, because it's a good mid-shopping snack-break spot. So stop there (it's on Bleecker and 11th) and have a cupcake after you blow your paycheck at the Marc store across the street. There's nothing like a little sugar to soothe the soul.

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