You must be my Lucky star
Yes, it's once again time for my critique of this month's Lucky. Without further ado...
Cover: Model Josie Maran, who prompted MW to say, "She's pretty hot." Indeed.
p.29: Five lingerie websites, and I'd only heard of one. Well done!
p.39: I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. Here's a whole page of shiny party attire.
p.53: On a page about tiered chiffon, they have the most adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that's perfect for the spring's "return of the dress." It has a multicolored clover print...and is $358. Aiiieee. Is it me or are his clothes getting more expensive? Here's hoping for a sale...
p.56: Three alternatives to Uggs: more expensive and still ugly.
p.62: Black dresses and strappy heels, all under $100, and all very ctue.
p.68: Veering slightly into Mafia wife territory with two pages of jeweled heels. Add some gold lame and shoulder pads and you have Michelle Pfeiffer in Married to the Mob.
p.89: My mom says only hookers wear dark red nail polish, but I still like it. My favorite color (not pictured here) is Hard Candy's Porno.
p.112: Eight bath products with evergreen scents, just in case you want to smell like a pine forest.
p.139: Gift guide, a.k.a. 20 pages of stuff to buy for yourself. Still, it has a lot of pretty cool items, and they're all affordable (unlike the gift guide of a certain magazine where I work, in which a lot of the "gifts" are in the four figures). Categories here include floral, brown & turquoise, animal prints, old-fashioned, $25 and under (this is where some of the best stuff is found), bound gifts, mod, and shiny.
p.164: A feature on party clothes...if you're going to an ugg-lee party!
p.180: A jewelry story featuring cuff bracelets, little rings, chandelier earrings (which, thankfully, don't seem to be going away anytime soon), and estate-style necklaces. I would wear pretty much anything pictured in these pages--it's all classy and simple.
p.188:"How to Look Good Bundled Up" (not to be confused with "I want to look good naked," from American Beauty) is, in theory, a good idea, but half of the models in this story are way too exposed to qualify as being "bundled up." Oh well, they probably shot the story in August.
p.212: WWKD? (What would Kate (Moss) do?) In summary, she'd wear an army jacket, a denim miniskirt, diamond earrings, aviators, the designer-bag-of-the-moment, and ballet flats.
p.218: A guide to shopping on the other Fifth Park Slope.

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