Weekend shopping

Get out your claws, brides-to-be--it's the Vera Wang Bridal Collection sale. Get there early and bring a whistle like Monica does in that one episode of Friends when she takes Rachel and Phoebe to the bridal sale and fights over a dress with that mean lady. Expect to tussle over dresses, headpieces, veils, and shoes at 75% off. Yikes, that almost makes me want to get married! (Don't worry, MW.) 11/22; 8-5; Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 7th Avenue (32nd and 33rd Sts.).

Yeah, Kate Spade is kind of boring in a Waspy sort of way, but she's also very classic and, at times, kitschy. Get her bags, paper, pajamas, luggage, and Jack Spade collection (for the fellas) at wholesale. 11/23-11/25; Sunday 2-6, Monday 9-7, Tuesday 9-6; Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th (6th and 7th Aves.), ground floor.

Don't forget, the Steven Allen, Kieselstein-Cord, and Alice Roi sales are still going through tomorrow. Also, a girl in my design class said that Bloomingdale's is having a good sale. Since the lovely Jenny sent me a Friends & Family 20%-off coupon (thanks, Jenny!), I'll be checking it out.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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