A rant
Before I go, I thought I'd complain for a bit. Yesterday I decided to check out the Kate Spade sample sale. I thought, "Oh, it's a Sunday, it won't be crowded." Wrong! I waited in line for almost two and a half hours to get in, which is probably why I'm so sick today. I will say there was still a ton of merchandise, however, the line to check out wound around the entire perimeter of the Metropolitan Pavillion (which must be at least 5,000 square feet), and I figured it would take at least another two and a half hours to get out. So I left, and the security guards seemed to think I was crazy for not buying anything. Maybe I was, but I decided to cut my losses at three hours instead of five or six.

My advice? Go to this sale only if you're a tried and true Kate Spade devotee. Or if you have five hours to kill.

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