Shopping for your boyfriend
MW complains that I only have stuff for chicks on my blog. Um, with the exception of MW, I'm guessing most of my readers are ladies anyway, but if you want more stuff for dudes, e-mail me, and I'll start including it. In the interest of service journalism, however, here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend.

For the metrosexual: Seven jeans. Like the ladies' version, they do wonders for your butt. (Also available online at eLuxury.)

For the Justin Timberlake wannabe: James Perse Eagle Beanie, which, I think, is actually a cool hat.

For the gadget freak: Neiman Marcus has a whole section of high-tech and sports-related gifts, including this teeny digital camera.

For the traveling guy: Jack Spade laptop bag--not that I'm endorsing Kate Spade products after the debacle of Sunday afternoon, but you can't go wrong with a classic yet funky bag like this one.

For the hipster: Urban Outfitters has a mind-boggling selection of ironic T-shirts (I can't link to them directly, sorry).

For the reluctant metrosexual: Brave Soldier Jet Set. Brave Soldier? Can we get more manly?

For the connoisseur: California Party Wine pack, and maybe he'll let you drink it with him.

For the rock star: Boss Hugo Boss Dragon Crewneck (a portion of the proceeds benefit Vh1's Save the Music Foundation).

For the guy whose wallet is bulging all over the place (pretty much any guy, really): Roadster wallet--stylish, affordable, and genuine leather.

For the kid at heart: motorized scooter. Why the hell not?

For the Mod guy: Ben Sherman Wakeman Print shirt, or any other Ben Sherman shirt, for that matter.

For the handy guy: Hummer Multi-Tool, and now he'll have no excuse not to fix stuff around your apartment.

For the Wall-Streeter (who you love a lot): Tiffany Bull and Bear Cufflinks, and pray for a bull market.

For the guy you've been dating for a month, so you're not really sure whether or not you should get him a Christmas present: Loop refrigerator magnets in hip-hop, low rider, or mod, are a very non-committal $13.

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