Boy Meets Girl Fall 2011

Where & When: Tuesday, February 15 at 7:00 p.m., Metropolitan Pavillion
Runway Recap: I arrived at the venue thinking I was attending the Daniel Vosovic show. After waiting in a huge line and hustling my way through the second press line, I found myself on the photo riser staring at a Boy Meets Girl logo at the other end of the runway...I ended up at the wrong show! Vosovic was somewhere upstairs in the complex, but clearly the entrance was not well marked. I decided to roll with it and shoot while I had this prime riser spot. The looks - designed by Stacy Igel - were very accessible, consisting of pieces I'm surprised I don't already have in my closet. Hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, and printed jersey tops, with the models sporting Polaroid sunglasses. (I snagged two pairs of promotional sunglasses that night, but when I try to read my iPhone screen through them they make me feel like I'm hallucinating.) Predominantly neutrals, with dashes of hot pink or red print. Snooping around the internet, I came across a modeling contest tied to the show, which explains why some of the girls were either awkward or unprofessional (smiling sheepishly at their friends in the audience). I guess in the end, models making crazy gestures at the end of the runway are more interesting than those that do nothing.
Standout Look: Giant fur cuffs adorning a couple of the hoodies, paired with gorgeous Boy Meets Girl emblem tights.
Bonus Points: Natasha Bedingfield opened with a song!

Where To Buy: Some Boy Meets World tote bags for sale here. Otherwise, their site doesn't have any other vendors listed.

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