Pierre-Henri Mattout Fall 2011

Where & When: Sunday, February 13 at 3:30-5:00 p.m., 70 Thomas St.
Presentation Recap: The presentation ended a bit early, so by the time I arrived the models were enjoying a glass of wine. This was probably for the best; I didn't notice any special lighting or production in the room so I assume the models were simply standing still in a row the entire time. Mattout's fall line is dressy-casual - sweaters and pants with piping detail, a corduroy blazer, a houndstooth suit and casual vests layered in. Colors were mostly charcoal grey with few variations.
Standout Look: The most notable piece was a bright red jacket with light grey material sewn into the back of the collar (above).
Bonus Points: Zany French models making photobombing faces for my photos (see above and below, and no they are not the same guy). I don't think this is a common phenomenon so it made me pretty happy.

Official Website: Browse HPM's collections further here.

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