Tory Burch Fall 2011

When & Where: Sunday, February 13 at 2:15 p.m., the Studio, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: For fall, Tory Burch continued the jaunt through the '70s that she began for spring, but this time it was by way of merry old England, as evidenced by a rich mix of patterns, plaid, tweed, and velvet, sometimes all in one look. The collection was more polished and dressed up than last season, but everything still retained that eclectic, carefree vibe that Tory is known for. In silhouette news,  her skirts hovered between the knee and midcalf, and she showed multiple great pantsuit looks--fueling my hope that next fall will really mark the return of the trouser. After all, if anyone can bring pants back, it's Tory Burch.
Standout Look: I like a designer who takes a strong point of view, and what really made me take notice were several pairs of ultra-wide-leg pleated palazzo pants--some solid, some patterned, all very fluid and gorgeous. They almost look like maxi skirts while standing still, but in motion, they have a beautifully fluid movement. This particular look was my favorite instance of the pants--I like the casual jacket and the neck scarf, and, well, this just looks like something I'd wear.
Bonus Points: When I saw the superlong check-in line for this show, I thought, "Oh, no." But the presentation was actually quite innovative--it was a continuous loop of a runway show (it ran four times total; I was in the first group), and the audience could come or go as they wished (or as the security guards would allow). It was all the good parts of a runway show (like seeing the clothes in motion) with none of the bad parts (waiting 30 minutes for it to start, assigned seating). And after I dashed out to my next show, apparently I missed Kanye West.
Where to Buy: Find a boutique near you.


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