Nicole Miller Fall 2011

When & Where: Friday, February 11 at 6 p.m., the Studio, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: As soon as I read Nicole Miller's show notes, I knew I was going to like her fall collection—the first line was, "Angles over curves with a menswear influence." And that's a very succinct way of describing what was a mixture of geometric digital prints and piecework paired with soft, slouchy paperbag pants and asymmetrical shapes. There was a warrior-esque vibe throughout and a definite futuristic bent, complete with shiny techno fabrics and pointy pailettes. It all felt very forward-thinking and yet comfortable at the same time.
Standout Look: My camera died halfway through the show, but here's an example of the contrast Miller worked up, between the fitted, shimmery, triangular-detailed top and a more fluid, softer pair of wide-leg trousers. I loved the rich cobalt blue she used in the first few looks (the only other color in the show was in a series of persimmon-red looks at the end); using color so sparingly makes such a striking impact.
Bonus Points: I know I say this every time, but Nicole Miller is one of the few designers who puts my name on my seat (normally there's just a number). It's a little gesture, but it says a lot.
Where to Buy: Find a store here.

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