Jenny Packham Fall 2011

When & Where: Monday, February 14 at 9 a.m., the Studio, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: Known primarily for her bridal designs in the U.S. (which can be found at the likes of Saks and Bergdorf's), Packham has also been appearing up on the red carpet for years; I tend to associate her with a sparkly yet romantic look. What she showed this morning, however, was all sex--not that I'm complaining. Inspired by a Marlene Dietrich quote ("Men cluster to me/Like moths around a flame..."), nearly everything was metallic--primarily silver and gold--from liquid lamé one-shoulder gowns to intricately beaded dresses over leggings. Many looks had spiderweb or moth-patterned motifs done in beading on silk chiffon or tulle, something that should in theory be heavy, but under Packham's hand, looked light and airy. So think of Packham's evening looks as the prequel to her wedding dresses--snag a man in one of these sexy looks, then wed him in something of hers as well.
Standout Look: Short, fun, I need any other reasons for choosing this one? Really, though, while the gowns were gorgeous--and should likely be hitting red carpets soon--the short cocktail dresses were what really got my blood pumping.
Bonus Points: In most runway shows, as soon as a model reaches the end of the runway (or sometimes halfway down), another model enters the runway; factor in the music and you'll understand why most fashion shows are no longer than 10 minutes. At Packham's show, there was only one model on the runway at a time, which made for a slightly slower pace but allowed me enough time to actually observe and take notes on each look, in addition to photographing it.
Where to Buy: Visit for store locations (note: only bridal is available in the U.S. at the moment).

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