Carlos Miele Fall 2011

When & Where: Monday, February 14 at 11 a.m., the Stage, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: Maybe I've been reading too many fashion blogs, but I'm starting to think some designers must be getting inspired by them. Case in point: with so many hoods, capes, harem pants (and jumpsuits!), and ruching details evocative of, well, one's ladyflower, I couldn't help but think that Carlos Miele must be reading the Man Repeller. It was still sexy--Miele's shows always are--but the silhouette was much more voluminous and '80s-inspired than usual, from the aforementioned harem pants to paperbag-waist styling. Miele did, however, return to familiar territory with a series of bright gowns, many ruched, draped, and shirred to perfection.
Standout Look: This look bridged the gap between the '80s inspired looks in the first half of the show and the glam, socialite-friendly gowns of the second half. It also represents two of fall's major trends thus far: brights (cobalt blue has been especially popular) and thigh-high slits. That aside, I thought it was just plain sexy.
Bonus Points: It's always good to see a familiar face in the tents; at Carlos Miele, I sat with Adrianne, who I run into every season, and the always-dapper The Shophound, and we all traded Fashion Week war stories while waiting for the show to start.
Where to Buy: Carlos Miele boutique, 408 W. 14th Street (9th Ave. & Washington St.), Meatpacking District.

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