Monique Lhuillier Fall 2011

When & Where: Monday, February 14 at 3 p.m., the Stage, Lincoln Center
Runway Recap: Monique Lhuillier may be best known for her wedding gowns, something usually associated with joy and prettiness, but when it comes to her runway shows, she tends to have a darker point of view--which, as someone who loves seeing the beauty in not-so-beautiful things, I find quite appealing. Of course, most everything that Lhuillier sent down the runway was still beautiful, albeit darker and more moody. The collection was heavy on black, with bits of cheetah print, nude, and brown to break it up; the only color present was a deep scarlet red, and used sparingly against all of those neutrals, it made quite an impact.
Standout Look: As this gown went down the runway, I was a bit worried about it falling off the model's shoulders, but as I got a closer look, I realized that was exactly the point--with slightly dangerous implications and a can't-take-your-eyes-off-it shade of red, this is a gown that's made to draw attention. Starlets, take note.
Bonus Points: Julia Stiles, Brittany Snow, and Ms. Jay Alexander (a.k.a. America's Next Top Model's Runway Diva Coach Extraordinare) were all front row. Also, it should be noted, my seat was right on the aisle at the end of the runway, a nice alternative to my usual crammed-in mid-row spot.
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