Fall 2007: Dragana Ognjenovic
A funny thing happened on Wednesday: I started getting seat assignments. Which is heaven, because instead of arriving 15 minutes early to shows and then standing in the pigpen for 45 minutes, you can breeze right in at any time you desire (well, within reason). So I was very excited for my second-row seat at Dragana Ognjenovic (say that ten times really fast). A Serbian designer, Ognjenovic--let's call her Og for short--is apparently quite popular in her native country. And as befitting a designer from a former Soviet bloc nation, her collection--an ambitious 47 looks--was almost entirely black.

The first several looks were all in this stretch techno fabric, which I haven't seen since the '90s. They were very well made, though, and we all know how practical that fabric is. I'm not sure about the fringed-scarf-under-the-jacket styling, however.

Og had some great pants and jackets, and most looks seemed very work-friendly.

There were a lot of dresses in the collection as well; I thought the rose detail on this one was a sweet touch amidst all the sobriety of the black.

This dress was really beautiful, and interestingly made with diagonal paneling an draping.

And, hey, look! A hint of white fabric!

Monochromatic collection aside, Ognjenovic wins the prize for quirkiest gift bag; it contained a Serbian newspaper and a DVD on Serbian tourism. Hey, designers take their sponsorships when they can get them.

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