Fall 2007: VPL
I almost didn't go to the VPL show on Thursday--it was really cold, I was dragging serious ass, and the show was all the way downtown at the Bumble & Bumble salon in the Meatpacking District. But I am so glad I went, because not only did VPL end up being one of my favorite shows, the serene atmosphere of the B&B venue calmed me and cleansed my figurative fashion palate. I now understand what Almost Girl was saying about the the offsite venues vs. the tents. Everyone at the show was a true Fashion Person--editors, stylists, buyers, photographers (but not paparazzi)--and the air was one of refined dignity. I also got to see The Sartorialist at work, photographing the chic and fabulous (sadly, I was not one of them). Also, I not only had an assigned seat, but as we entered the space, cute waiters were passing out bottles of water and the most delicious chocolate-covered macaroons I've ever had. Heaven.

Now, onto the clothes. VPL started as a lingerie line (VPL stands for "Visible Panty Line") and has morphed into a collection of laid-back knitwear. The theme for fall 2007 was "Modern Suffragettes," and while the looks all had a military-inspired edge, the idea was more women's rights rather than army soldier--soft knits in neutral colors instead of sharply tailored uniform jackets. This was the first look that came down the runway, on the lovely Lisa Cant.

There was a hint of irony running throughout the collection, like this "wet paint" bodysuit. I loved all the layering too--since the knits are all so thin, you don't get the unfortunate bulky side effect.

Everything looked so comfortable to me, but not in a Juicy Couture tracksuit kind of way. This dress--plus tights and boots--is the sort of thing I live in.

Some of the looks were downright pretty, like this tunic/dress. It was almost hard to believe sometimes that everything was knit!

Every once in awhile, you'd see a hint of metallic fabric, such as in this mega-layered look.

There were so many great looks, it was hard to pick a favorite. But amidst all the great feats of layering, this one stood out for its simplicity.

I had such a lovely time at the VPL show, I was kicking myself for having not gone to more offsite shows--especially when I looked inside the gift bag, which contained three full-size B&B products, Shiseido skincare samples, and the vegan snack of choice, Larabar. But I think the best part of the show was my exit: I shared an elevator down with dreamy America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker. Sigh.

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