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Fashion is currently having a Edie Sedgwick moment. This was most likely spurred on by the movie Factory Girl, starring current fashion It girl Sienna Miller, and while Factory Girl has pretty much bombed (I saw it at the Angelika; I highly recommend reading Edie: American Girl instead), Edie's fashion influence (black opaque tights, smock dresses, fur coats, striped tees) persists. Factory Girl has also drawn more attention to Andy Warhol and his Factory, and Warhol is now hotter than ever. Hence this week's website of the week, the Warhol: Store. The gift-shop arm of the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh, the store features everything from posters to clothing and everything in between. Basically, it's a pop-art bonanza, and I'm sure Warhol himself would've loved the commercialness of it all. You can browse by category or search; I can't link directly to anything, however, so finding everything is up to you.

In honor of the girl of the moment, there's a special Edie shop with books, notebooks, and more. I think this train case is appropriate, considering how much time Edie spent on her makeup (although she might've used this bag to carry around her drugs too).

Everyone knows Warhol coined the "everyone is famous for 15 minutes" adage, but he also had some other great phrases, like, "Waiting makes it more exciting," which certainly applies to the fashion industry. This ribbon would look chic tied in your hair or even wrapped around your wrist.

I also love these magnets featuring Warhol's fashion-related bon mots. (My favorite is, "Wasting money puts you in a real party mood.")

And while I'm pretty well acquainted with the Warhol oeuvre, I must say, I didn't know he did butterfly prints! I love butterflies, of course, and while they're scattered throughout the website, I think the nightlight is my favorite.

So while Andy Warhol (and Edie Sedgwick) is way over his 15 minutes of fame, well, with stuff so cool, I think that's a good thing.

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