Fall 2007: Tibi
Having studied fashion design at Parsons, I'm fascinated by what inspires designers when they create their various collections. Sometimes it's more abstract concepts (lunar eclipses, the industrial revolution, martians, etc.), and sometimes it's a bit more obvious (Edie Sedgwick, French New Wave cinema, knocking off other designers, etc.). Sometimes designers spell it out for you in the program notes; other times you have to guess, which is a fun game to play. I think I can safely say, however, that Amy Smilovic's collection for Tibi was inspired by the movie Bonnie & Clyde. There were hints of Art Deco (which is slowly emerging as an overall influence for fall) mixed with blouson jackets, slim pencil skirts, crochet skullcaps, and Smilovic's signature bold prints. The collection was fun and, as is always the case with Tibi, filled with wearable pieces.

This is kind of an extreme example of mixing prints, but what I really like about this look is the cocoon jacket. I'm starting to see quite a few of these on the runway, and I think it's a fairly fresh new shape.

Here's another silhouette that's becoming a trend: the tunic over baggy trousers. I loved this sweater too--the petals were created with Lurex thread, and it shimmered ever so slightly.

Smilovic featured a drop-waist silhouette quite a bit in this collection, which, paired with this Art Deco-inspired print is a nod to '20s style.

The detail in this jacket is hard to see, but it has ruffled bell sleeves and a ruffled peplum, with a cropped fit. I think it's super-cute, and I think this will be the shape of fall's trendy jacket. I love it with the wide-leg pants, too.

Look familiar? The sequin-stripe dress is a look that just won't die, but probably for good reason, as it's just so damn chic. Ikeliene has such a cute, bouncy walk, too, which I think helped.

This was my favorite look of the show, a pleated tunic over a super-wide trouser. I can't really say why, other than I'd totally wear this.

And I'm now officially standing behind the color purple as a trend for fall. I think the lovely Jessica Stam in this awesome dress sealed the deal for me. I'm not sure where, exactly, one would wear this, but, hey, this is Fashion Week, and not everything has to be logical.

Did you notice the black stockings and black sandals? I did! I'd like to give snaps to Tibi for using a raised runway--because for the first time all week, I could see the models' feet from my fifth-row seat, and thus this is the first time I'm commenting on footwear. Anyway, Alice Roi showed black socks with white clogs on Sunday, so perhaps this is an emerging trend as well. Stay tuned...

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