Object of desire: Loeffler Randall Kit Boots
I spent a lot of time waiting around at Fashion Week, but the fun part of waiting is checking out what everyone is wearing (well, it's not really fun, but at least it's mildly entertaining). I noticed a lot of the models wearing an almost-flat, knee-high boot, and these boots just looked so slouchy and cool, I instantly became obsessed with them. After several weeks of searching, I finally figured it out: Loeffler Randall's Matilde boot...which is from the fall/winter collection and is now sold out nearly everywhere. Bummer. But, lo and behold, Shopbop now has the spring line, which includes this awesome Kit Boot--it's nearly identical to the Matilde, but it has a cute buckle on the side. What makes this boot so flattering is the tiny one-inch wedge heel--just enough to lengthen your legs, and for those of us used to wearing heels every day, it's actually more comfortable than a truly flat boot (oh, the joy of shortened Achilles' tendons). Of course, such a perfect pair of boots does not come cheap; these puppies are $685. Like jeans, though, I consider boots to be a good investment, and as scary as that price is, I think it might be worth it. So starting next paycheck, I just might have to begin a Kit Boot savings fund. Hopefully they won't sell out before I reach my goal.

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