Fall 2007: Michon Schur
People keep asking me what my favorite collections have been thus far, and I keep saying that it's hard to determine, because there are two kinds of shows at Fashion Week--"commercial" and "designer." Or, in other words, ones I can afford and ones I cannot. While I can appreciate the beauty and artistry in the designer collections, I tend to enjoy the commercial collections more, because I know that if I see something I like, I have a much better chance of actually being able to buy it. Michon Schur is not a commercial line, but I enjoyed it so much, I really wish it were. A tightly focused collection of 24 looks, what came down the runway at Michon Schur was a delightful parade of feminine dresses and beautifully constructed coats, with to-die-for accessories like bright satin head wraps and extra-long gloves.

I love the swingy shape of this grey cashmere coat, and I think the color looks particularly good paired with the dreamy lavender chiffon top underneath.

Right after that, this fuchsia coat came down the runway and I think I let out a sigh of pleasure. It reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear in Funny Face. I look good in this color too.

I loved that instead of sticking to a totally somber neutral palette, the colors in this show were the almost spring-like lavender, rose, and fuchsia. I think we need more color in winter, especially in the form of this whimsical dress.

Here's another great coat, with Swarovski crystal embroidery throughout, but it was the bright fuchsia gloves that really caught my attention. Must. Have.

By the time this dress came down the runway, I was pretty much short-listing Michon Schur as one of my favorite collections of the season. There is just so much to love about it--the lace cap sleeves, the babydoll shape--it almost brings tears to my eyes.

On a day when I was really starting to drag, Michon Schur was precisely the pretty pick-me-up I needed. And while I probably won't be buying anything by Michon Schur anytime soon--not at retail, at least--hey, a girl can always dream.

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