Fall 2007: Reem Acra
It can safely be said that Reem Acra is known for two things: bridal gowns and red carpet dresses. She sent none of the former down the runway, so I can't comment on that (except that my friend Jessica wore a Reem Acra gown to her wedding, and it was gorgeous), but her collection today did focus heavily on eveningwear. Reem is also known for her detail work--beading, embroidery--so I was a bit surprised to see her take a minimalist approach to this collection. Some of the looks, especially the evening suits, came across being on the frumpy side, but when she cuts an evening gown, she knows what she's doing. And as you'll see, her dresses photograph incredibly well, making them a smart choice for starlets and brides alike.

Some of the looks had a bit of a flapper-esque feel, although this one almost had a bit of Medieval Times going on. Still, it was rather glamorous, and would take a strong personality (Scarlett Johansson?) to pull it off on the red carpet.

This dress, on the other hand, would look good on just about anyone. It has that timeless Hollywood goddess look, while the jeweled straps add a bit of Art Deco detail.

I am a sucker for fringe--I feel like we see so little of it nowadays (do people think it's too '80s?), so when I see it, I get excited. Another Roaring Twenties look, this has a boxy yet flattering cut, but it's totally glam.

A lot of the looks came down the runway with sheer or velvet bell-bottom pants such as these. I guess this is a nod to the developing long-over-long silhouette, but the pants make the tunic skew a bit older. Opaque tights a la Edie Sedgwick would create a more youthful look.

Here's another obvious red carpet look. I feel like if you're an actress who's made blunder after blunder on the red carpet, this would be an obvious way to redeem yourself--you just can't go wrong with it.

But my favorite look was the last one down the runway--this gorgeous gown with metallic lace overlay. The models had looked kind of expressionless during the whole show, but then Jessica Stam tripped a bit and cracked a smile, which made it all the more charming.

So while I don't think I'll be needing Reem Acra's services anytime soon, I'll be interested to see whether her more minimalist and Art Deco approach will take hold on the red carpet at, say, the Oscars later this month. But I'll be shocked if I don't see at least one of these looks--after all, super-stylist Philip Bloch was sitting front row center.

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