Object of desire: AsterCast Stellium necklaces
I am totally obsessed with my horoscope. I read it every day, plus I read a monthly version at the excellent AstrologyZone. I often live my life by it too--for example, I recently told an apartment broker that I don't want to look for a new place until after this month's Mercury retrograde is over, on March 7th, because as loyal horoscope-readers know, you should never sign a contract while Mercury is in retrograde. Yes, I am a little kooky about astrology, but, thankfully, so are a lot of other people. Take, for instance, the glamorous yet low-key jewelry store TenThousandThings, which has teamed up with astrologers Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox to produce AsterCast, a line of astrology-inspired trinkets. My favorite item is the Stellium necklace, with five charms that correspond to the unique characteristics of each astrological sign--the website has a handy Flash-enabled rollover feature that tells you what each symbol stands for. Of course, self-awareness comes at a price: $2,500, to be exact. And while that sum would probably pay for at least several consultations with Starsky and Cox, well, something tells me that this necklace might be more worth it in the long run--especially for aesthetically inclined Pisces such as myself. I need to save my pennies for my upcoming move (yes, again), but for those of you with cash to burn, they're available online at Barneys.com and Ylang23.com.

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