Cheryl Shops at New York Fashion Week!
In case you haven't already guessed, I am once again covering New York Fashion Week, which officially starts Friday, but, in my case, starts Thursday. I will be doing my reviews as usual, but starting this season, I will also be Twittering with behind-the-scenes info, random asides, celebrity sightings, and other tidbits that might not make it into my reviews (and it's also a great way to experience Fashion Week coverage in real time). You can follow my Twitter feed at, or you can also find my Tweets on Inside the Tents, a great site that brings together a bunch of independent fashion and beauty bloggers. (Coincidentally, there's a great article in today's Observer about Yuli Ziv, the founder of Style Coalition and My It Things.)

My official Fashion Week coverage starts Thursday night--please check back then!

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