Terexov Fall 2009
Where & When: Monday, February 16th at 6 p.m., the Promenade, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Remember two or so years ago when a bunch of boxy, ubiquitous, totally unremarkable condos started hitting the real-estate market, and even though they were $800k for a one-bedroom, people would buy them sight-unseen just because they wanted a piece of the real estate market, which was oh-so-hot at the time? I feel like Alexadr Terekhov's clothing is the fashion equivalent of the aforementioned unremarkable condo. Sure, it's tasteful and cut well and made of luxurious fabric, but is it unique and inspiring enough to be really worth the price? In these difficult economic times, when consumers are pinching pennies left and right, and fashionistas are more fickle than ever, designers need to distinguish themselves. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to be wearing an $800k 1-bedroom condo.
Standout Look: Amidst all the mink-trim cashmere coats and prim dresses, the pieces that truly made me sit up and take notice were those that featured an art-deco cityscape print, such as this flowing sleeveless dress.
Bonus Points: I am giving bonus points to myself this time, because, after leaving Maticevski at 6:05 in Chelsea, I managed to get uptown to the tents by 6:20, just as they were letting in the standing room. I pretended I had an assigned seat right at the end of the runway, so I could make a break for the William Rast show at 7. I think I was the first person out of the Promenade, and for all of that, I was quite pleased with myself.
Where to Buy: Visit Terexov.com for more information.

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