Chocheng Fall 2009
Where & When: Tuesday, February 17th at 5 p.m., the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: A strong '80s influence has been prevalent throughout the shows this Fashion Week, and even Cho Cheng, who designs decidedly uptown suits for Ladies Who Lunch, is getting in on the revival. His brightly colored tweed jackets were impeccably tailored and recalled early-Lagerfeld Chanel, but pairing them with tragically dumpy culottes or comically short miniskirts was a move in the wrong direction. A series of second-skin sequined gowns and vampy strapless gowns appeared appeared sexy at first glance, but, up close, were ill-fitting, especially in the bust. But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the show was the hair and makeup--all of the models wore blond bobbed wigs, which I'm assuming was intended to give them a youthful appearance, but instead reminded me a bit too much of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"--and maybe hit a bit too close to home for Cheng's aging-socialite clients.
Standout Look: One of the few looks that was neither a suit nor an evening gown, this bright-pink sheath dress stood out for both its dramatic bow collar and for its cheerful color.
Bonus Points: I was seated directly across from Vogue's Meredith Melling Burke, who was wearing the glorious studded Burberry shoes I was lusting after last year. Also, I was seated next to a fellow who smelled so wonderful, I had to ask him what fragrance he was wearing (he couldn't remember the name, but he said it was one of the Bond No. 9 scents; I'm guessing it was Wall Street, but I will definitely investigate this). An hour later, I could still smell it.
Where to Buy: Chocheng's atelier, at 51 E. 63rd Street.

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