New York Fashion Week in Review: Final Thoughts

OMG, the recession! Part I While some designers played it safe with black and gray and various other neutrals, others went nuts with fur, brocade, exotic skins, and all manner of frippery. Yes, there are recession-proof shoppers out there who will continue to spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes. Those affected by layoffs and hits to their investments most likely will not. As for the rest of us, only time will tell. But it looks like the winners in this game--at least at this point--are contemporary labels, who offer great design at prices that aren't too out of reach; shows like Tibi and Ports 1961 were totally mobbed.

OMG, the recession! Part II Yes, a lot of designers traded presentations for runway shows, or held off-site shows instead of the tents. The more time I spend in the three-ring circus that is the tents, the more I am okay with this. But only 3 of the shows I attended were presentations, and only one show was a joint venture (Nicholas K, Sergio Davila, and Mara Hoffman). Because fashion shows--and parties, which also showed no sign of letting up--are so pivotal in terms of publicity and branding, I think designers will continue to have them, at whatever cost. What they're skimping on, however, are extras--there was far less swag this season, from gift bags at shows to giveaways in the tents. It's probably a good thing there were no more cookies, but if they get rid of the coffee or booze, I'm done.

What they're wearing
This post from SheFinds is the best one I've read on how to dress like a fashion editor (albeit on a budget). Basically, the leggy skinny pants or opaque black tights look is still in, and ankle boots are definitely the footwear of choice. Fur jackets were big too. But the most surprising thing is that there were far fewer It Bags than in seasons past--the most prevalent bag I saw this season was the classic quilted Chanel bag. Granted, this is not necessarily a thrifty buy (they tend to start in the low four figures), but it's not as flashy, and it's, as they say, an investment piece.

C'mon, everyone's doing it! I started Twittering this season, as did everyone else, it seems. And it was awesome--there's nothing like getting real-time updates on all the shows that are happening all over town. Who said you can't be in two places at once?

Lessons learned.
The more Fashion Weeks I experience, the less I freak out about them and the more I enjoy them. It also helps that as time goes on, the PR firms become more accepting of bloggers as legitimate members of the press. I'm still not getting as many seating assignments as I'd like, but, well, all in due time. And thus I'd like to give some special shout-outs to the lovely, accommodating, and very organized people at LaForce + Stevens, as well as those at Harrison & Shriftman. KCD, one day I will climb your ivory tower. Just you wait.

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