Loris Diran Fall 2009
Where & When: February 12th at 2 p.m., the Altman Building
Runway Recap: Diran used his theme of armor in both a literal and figurative sense; for the former, there was a tiered coat that recalled the appendages of a knight's suit, and for the latter, he sent multiple sharply tailored suits--urban armor, so to speak--down the runway. The armor theme also came across in the sooty gray, black, and metallic colors. Diran's business is demi-couture (meaning his pieces are made-to-measure), and while the evening gowns toward the end were lovely, I suspect his clientele will tend more toward the work-friendly tailored suits and casual-Friday sweaters.
Standout Look: My apologies for the bad angle of this photo, but this look was a genius play of textures: a tonal-stripe wool blazer over an airy ruffled chiffon blouse, paired with strong silk faille pleated trousers.
Bonus Points: The Altman Building has added POM iced coffee to its beverage selection (there's still FIJI water, the old standby), and, well, seven hours later, I think my caffeine buzz has yet to wear off. With drinks this strong, who needs cocaine?
Where to Buy: The new Loris Diran boutique at 3 E. 1st Street in the East Village.

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