Five things I liked about Saturday's Barbie 50th Anniversary Runway Show, from what I could see, which was not much*

1. The short film that opened the show, set to a remix of Hole's "Doll Parts", featured a montage of Barbie mantras ("plastic is fantastic") and old Barbie commercials--and the audience kept yelling out "I had that one!"--and I was pleased they featured my all-time favorite, Peaches n' Cream Barbie.

2. The runway was pink and glittery.

3. I saw Simon Doonan with Jonathan Adler, Diane von Furstenburg, Heidi Klum, Kimora Lee, Peter Som, Robert Verdi, and Fran Leibowitz. Yes, Fran Leibowitz.

4. The models completely vamped it up for the cameras. After seeing them be so somber and serious at most of the shows, this was quite entertaining.

5. The makeup got progressively more drag queeny as the show went on, starting with cherry-red lips and high fake ponytails (à la Madonna's Blond Ambition tour), through '60s Valley of the Dolls bouffants to, finally, feathered eyelashes and headdresses.

*If you read other fashion blogs or are following the #NYFW Twitter feed, chances are you know the Barbie show was a complete and utter shitstorm. The going theory is that every invitee could bring a guest--ideally, a little girl who could sit on your lap, but in reality, everything from your three-year-old niece to your 16-year-old cousin to your roommate to Bob from accounting. Therefore, there were way too many people at the show, hundreds of whom, despite being confirmed, didn't even make it in. Reportedly, there were lots of crying little girls and lots of pissed-off journalists.

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