Venexiana Fall 2009
Where & When: Friday February 13th at 9 p.m., the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Recession? What recession? Designer Kati Stern, who apparently has never met an exotic material she hasn't liked, sent mink, fox and python (yes, python) down her runway, and that was just the first three looks. But then came the party dresses, and that's what Stern does best. Inspired by the city of Venice (the designer resides there part time), came gowns in heavy velvet, brocade, and metallic wool, as well as an interlude of pretty pastel gowns in Fortuny pleats. I can't even begin to imagine who wears this stuff, but my guess is that Stern's clients are those mystical recession-proof people we keep hearing about--and they must've liked what they saw, because the audience gave Stern a standing ovation as she did her runway bow.
Standout Look: Stern sent several soft, pastel and relatively understated gowns down the runway, and while they were kind of a detour from the opulence of the rest of the show, I thought they were among the most accessible pieces. My favorite was this plissé empire-waist gown, a sweet and youthful piece.
Bonus Points: Ahead of me in line was a well-behaved "class" of what looked to be college-age (or maybe high school) girls, and the security guards made sure they were allowed in first of all the standing room. I thought that was sweet.
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