Oscar fashion recap
Because after Fashion Week I'm still in a critiquing mood, here's what I thought of last night's looks.


She's probably landing on every other worst-dressed list, but because Tilda Swinton took a risk--that worked--in this gorgeously draped Lanvin, she's tops in my book. Then again, I liked the hefty-bag-like Lanvin she wore last year as well. In my eyes, you can't go wrong with Albert Elbaz.

I tend to either love or hate what Marisa Tomei wears; and while I'm sure a lot of people hated her Versace gown--and I am generally not one to go for Versace--I thought it was stunning, with all the architectural pleating and the long, long train.

I think we can safely guess that Olivier Theyskens is on his way out at Nina Ricci, because Reese Witherspoon is incredibly loyal to him, and this time she instead went with Rodarte, which shocked (and pleased) many a fashionista. I heard this dress compared to a David's Bridal creation on another blog, but I thought it was fierce.

Yes, I am just as stunned as you are, but my absolute favorite dress of the night was Alicia Keys' Armani. I love everything about it--the cut, the color, and how incredibly flattering it looked on Ms. Keys.

Honorable Mention

Also in Armani, I thought Anne Hathaway looked totally stunning. However, considering this dress was covered entirely in pailettes, the thing must've weighed a ton. Also, when she turned to the side, it was a bit ill-fitting in the bust. Close, but not quite.

I actually liked Jessica Biel's strapless white Prada gown; unlike other critics, I didn't think she looked like she had toilet paper or a burp cloth hanging from the front. However, the thing was too damn long. Stylists are supposed to hem too, not just help you pick the right gown.

There was definitely a strong princess-dress effect happening on the red carpet; while it's generally not a look I can get behind, I thought Penelope Cruz's vintage Balmain was the best of the bunch. However, I would've preferred to see her in something a bit more modern.

I really liked Natalie Portman's strapless Rodarte gown, and she would've been under "best" had Alicia Keys not worn a similar--and slightly better--version from Armani. Again, props for wearing a super-indie designer like Rodarte.

Dishonorable Mention

This is just too much dress for too young a girl (Miley Cyrus, in this case). Also, it's a copy of a vintage Dior, which I think is a little on the tacky side.

Freida Pinto takes risks, which I admire, but this one just didn't work for me, even though it's Galliano. There's just something about the one illusion sleeve that rubs me the wrong way. (Everyone has their pet peeves; mine happens to be mesh.)

Amy Adams' Carolina Herrera dress puzzles me--it looks like the front flyway panel has somehow caused a chasm in the bodice. However, I loved her stone-collar necklace, which saved the day.

Maybe it's the fact that she has 6 kids and thus no time to think about gowns, or maybe when you have Brad Pitt on your arm, you can't go for anything too flashy lest everyone in the crowd be blinded by your beauty. However, with this nondescript strapless black gown (I don't even care who the designer is), Angelina Jolie looks like she's stopped trying. And, hello, she's a movie star. Team Aniston!


I think Amanda Seyfried is adorable on Big Love, but, really, I think any kind of dress with a big red bow on it is just a bad idea all around. Even if it's Valentino.

Really, I have a hard time believing Armani designed something so ugly as Sophia Loren's overly ruffled gown.

I don't know how Heidi Klum managed to make this RM by Roland Mouret dress look like a hot tranny mess, but she did. The gown looks wrinkled and disheveled; Klum's hair looks like she hasn't washed it since Project Runway was last on the air. Where's Christian Siriano when you need him?

While I applaud Beyonce for leaving her jewelry at home, that's about the only nice thing I have to say about this dress, which looks like the curtains in a whore's bedroom. Her usual glitzy, glamazon fare would be a vast improvement over this abomination.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Heidi Klum always looks a mess on the red carpet. Also he opinions on the runway are very elementary. I don' understand why our culture believes that models have the same insite as designers and editors (and I'm not remotely in the business of fashion).