New York Fashion Week in Review: Trends to Watch

Rock star
Think leather pants, studs, fringe, and anything else Bret Michaels would've worn in his 1980s heyday (William Rast, below).

Sorry, PETA--fur came in all shapes and forms on the runways, from Russian-style hats to shearling jackets. The trendiest shapes were shaggy goat vests, as seen at TSE (below).

Depression chic

Black and gray were definitely the most dominant "colors" on the runway, but I thought the most witty way of addressing the situation was with menswear-style pieces, such as tailored jackets and wide-leg trousers (Tuleh, below).


The antidote to all that depressing black? Neon! In brights we haven't seen in 20-odd years, chartreuse and especially hot pink added a shot of color to the runways (Tibi, below).

Strong shoulders
Paris designers have been playing around with shoulder pads and peak sleeves for several seasons now, but thanks to the 80s revival, New York designers are getting the bold shoulder for fall (Chocheng, below).

Silhouettes were all over the place--long skirts, miniskirts, wide-leg pants, skinny high-waist pants--but one item that kept popping up was leggings. Not that they ever went anywhere the past few seasons, but at least for fall, leggings are here to stay (TSE, below).

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