In These Shoes: Dr. Martens for Opening Ceremony Darcie Boots

Fashion Week starts next Thursday, and the last time I checked, there's roughly three feet of snow on the ground with more to come. Now, I try not to get all wrapped up in wearing amazing outfits and getting photographed by the street-fashion photographers, but when you're around so many fabulously-dressed folk, well, the last thing you want to wear is a puffer jacket and Uggs. Footwear is a particularly distressing element; I have a vast wardrobe of booties and even sandals that I can wear with tights, but I wouldn't dare subject them to the sleet, slush, and salt currently spread all over the sidewalks. So I am contemplating splurging on this special-edition pair of Dr. Martens Darcie boots. I owned two pairs of Doc Martens in high school (the height of the grunge era), and I still have them--the shoes are virtually indestructible, which leads me to believe that they'd hold up well in the snow--this style even more so due to the heel and platform. The printed calf hair makes them look very fashiony, however (fashion people love hairy, furry things!), and it helps that they've been anointed by the high temple of cool, Opening Ceremony, where this particular pair is an exclusive. While the price tag is a little daunting, they have my size, which is a plus, and if I need these for work (hey, Fashion Week is work!), they're a tax-deductable expense, right?

For a slightly more wallet-friendly option, there's the regular Darcie, which, at $99.98 for the just-as-cool black patent style, seems like a veritable bargain (and a perhaps more weatherproof one at that).


Unknown said...
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susan said...

I've been contemplating these boots for so long! I was thinking of either the red ones with the wood-colored heel or the smooth black ones (not patent).